Board of Directors

ernie_bioErnest J. Moreau

Ernie proves himself resourceful by incorporating his spirited personality and job experience as the Framingham Public Schools Maintenance Foreman in the Buildings & Grounds Department in his role as President of the Foundation. He has held the position since 2011 and has a real appreciation for Loring Arena that stems back to when he was a kid in Framingham. Ernie feels that it’s important to give back any way that you can and has a real vision for the arena.

Ernie has spent many a game at Loring Arena watching his son go through the Framingham Youth Hockey Program and playing Varsity for Framingham High. Today his son plays in a men’s league and volunteers as Framingham’s boys J.V. Hockey Assistant Coach.

What’s something you may not know about Ernie? He was a Framingham Auxiliary Police Officer for 10 years and a part-time Special Police Officer in Sherborn for 5 years.


Suzanne Browndarren-and-me-2
Vice President

A lifelong resident of Framingham, Sue has been actively involved with the Foundation for 8 years. She has spent the last 15 years at Loring Arena cheering on her son as he went through the ranks of Framingham Youth Hockey, continuing to play through Marian High School. She’s proud that her son gained a real love for the game and still plays on a local men’s league.

A Sales Administrator and Community Relations Coordinator for Synopsys by day, Sue enjoys volunteering and helping out the community in her free time. She combines her positive outlook and resources while doing creative event planning.

Who is Sue’s hero? Why, that’s her Dad, Coach Bobby Brown! Brownie spent 50 years of his life volunteering, coaching and working with Town Government. He was loved by all and always strived to make a difference in people’s lives. Sue is a wealth of historical knowledge on Loring Arena because of her Dad.


Suzanne Caso
suzy_bio2 Director

Suzy has brought her design and marketing expertise to the Foundation since 2013. As a Hockey Mom who has spent countless hours with her family in Loring Arena, she recognizes the need for the Foundation and is proud to be on the team. Suzy has lived in Framingham for 25 years and works as a Creative Director at a local design firm. She enjoys strategizing and creating awareness for the Foundation so we can improve conditions at the rink. Her initiatives and creative thinking skills have been a great asset to the Foundation.

Suzy has fond memories of her son going through the Framingham Youth Hockey Program, playing for the Middle School team & starting Varsity as a freshman at Framingham High. Her son has a genuine love of Loring Arena and values the friendships that he made in his hometown rink.

What’s one thing she is really proud of? Her son earning the title of United States Marine.


Bob Woodhouse

Bob has 2 reasons for being involved with the Foundation. The first was when his daughter played JV, there were no locker rooms for her and her teammates to dress for practice. They found themselves taking turns in the public women’s restroom. Reason number 2 came when his Mother-in-Law came to see his daughter play. She was in a wheelchair and her only view was from the corner of the rink at ice level. She really never saw her from this location.

Four years ago when Bob was at his 1st Foundation meeting, he was asked what improvements he’d like to see done at Loring. These 2 stories came to mind. With Bob’s job experience as Facilities Management and Planning at Babson College, he has interest in Loring Arena’s physical environment.

Is Bob nostalgic when it comes to Loring Arena? You bet he is. Bob first stepped onto the ice at Loring when he was 8 years old. 51 years later he went out on the ice with his son during a practice with the Bantam team he coached. His son in one net and Bob in the other. It was the last time Bob put on the pads and he retired from playing that night.


Board of Advisors

Bob Ryan, Legal Counsel
Paul Spear, Framingham High Advisor
Stacey Raffi, Bay Path Advisor
Jason Smith, Town Advisor
Peter Sleight, Health and Fitness Advisor