The Foundation

Our Mission

For over 50 years, the Edward F. Loring Arena has provided recreational and competitive opportunities for thousands of youth and adults in our community. Our mission is to improve and modernize the facility to make it a safe, comfortable and enjoyable gathering place for all.

Since 2007 the Loring Arena Legacy Foundation has worked tirelessly with fundraising efforts to improve conditions at Loring Arena. Thanks to the generous donations of the Framingham community and the Framingham Youth Hockey Program, we have made solid contributions to the rink. The new score boards, a sound system and restroom improvements were purchased by the Foundation. We spearheaded the concept for the renovation by contracting an architect for the initial drawings for the arena. In fact, these drawings inspired the new Loring Arena renovation.


A Vision for Loring Arena

We are proud to say that the Town approved the Capital Budget Request in the amount of $5.7 million in the 2016 Spring Town Meeting to renovate Loring Arena. The Town opened construction bids on April 6, 2016. Due to unforeseen factors the bids received were considerably higher than expected. Value engineering was performed to ensure that critical issues were adequately addressed while reducing legacypicscollection15construction costs. The revised project was opened to bids again on September 28, 2016. The bids received came in significantly lower than the original bids. Although the reduction was encouraging, it did not completely eliminate the need for additional funding. This October, additional funding was approved by the Town to cover these construction costs. The renovation is set to begin in April of 2017.