The Foundation

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Our Mission

For 50 years, the Edward F. Loring Arena has provided recreational and competitive opportunities for thousands of youth and adults in our community. Our mission is to improve and modernize the facility to make it a safe, comfortable and enjoyable gathering place for all.

Building a Future for Generations of Skaters

Over ten years ago, the Framingham Town Manager selected a committee to study what the future held for Loring Arena. The Loring Arena Study Committee concluded that Loring Arena is a unique and valuable asset that provides an important service for the Framingham community; the arena should remain municipally owned and operated; the Town should be making appropriate capital investments into the arena’s infrastructure.

ZamboniLoringFollowing the 2001 study, the Town has undertaken several improvements to the facility infrastructure, including a new roof and repair of the arched support beams, replacing the dasher boards and glass, new ice surface lighting system, infrared spectator heat, new Zamboni, and replacement of several components of the ice cooling system including a computerized system control panel, new condenser tower, and variable drive motors, to name a few.

Understanding our challenging economic times, proud members of the community banded together in 2007 to form the Loring Arena Legacy Foundation (LALF). Through our fundraising efforts and thanks to the generous donations of the Framingham community and the Framingham Youth Hockey Program, the LALF has provided over $53,000 towards improving Loring Arena over the last six years.

1463876_630771853624559_269678350_nWe have made solid contributions to the rink like the new score boards, a sound system and restroom improvements. We hired an architect and invested $27,000 in initial design concepts and these drawings have inspired the new Loring Arena renovation.

cute group2 (2)The Loring Arena Legacy Foundation has sought and raised funds privately and lobbied successfully with the Framingham Division of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs for larger changes that will provide for uses that were unforeseen many years ago. One of the major changes needed is making the rink handicapped accessible. Another is to provide additional locker rooms, and community rooms, so gender separation issues and overcrowding in entrance ways and stands will be resolved.

 A Vision for Loring Arena

We are proud to say that the Town approved the Capital Budget Request in the amount of $5.7 million this past Spring Town Meeting to renovate Loring Arena. Under “The Renovation” tab, please see our Shared Letter with the latest news on the upcoming renovation plans. Don’t miss the link at the bottom of the page where you can view the architect plans, we are thrilled to share them with you. In keeping with our mission, the Loring Arena Legacy Foundation will continue working on our Capital Fundraising and Awareness Campaign called “SKATE FORWARD”. Our objective here is to fund raise and supplement the overall cost of construction.

Skate_Forward_LogoWe have a big vision for Loring Arena, but we need your help to make it a reality. We hope that you will support us and send in a donation today. You can be confident that your donation, no matter the size, will be used to support renovating Loring Arena. We are committed to using every dollar as efficiently as possible towards that end. LALF’s future plans are to support all improvements to the existing structure through continued fundraising and increased civic awareness. The Loring Arena Legacy Foundation is committed to ensure that future generations of families in the area can enjoy this historic facility for another 50 years.

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