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The Loring Arena Legacy Foundation was created because Loring Arena’s future depends on it. In 2001 the Town Manager in Framingham selected a committee to study what should be done with Loring Arena. The Loring Arena Study Committee came back with one answer: Loring is a great asset to the town and should remain, with the suggestion that it somehow be renovated and modernized. Understanding that the town is under financial strain, some members of the community banded together to form the Loring Arena Legacy Foundation and will now seek the funds to renovate the rink.

crowd2The Loring Arena Legacy Foundation’s intentions are to promote the Arena and to partner with Framingham Parks & Recreation so together we can once again make it a year-round gathering place for local residents. Our initial goal is to raise money for the modernization of the facility, improving all aspects of the Arena and making it a true civic center that can host events 12 months a year. In addition to our long-term goals of renovating the building, we will support improvements of the existing structure through fund-raising and increased civic awareness.

CuteGirlOur Mission

To improve and modernize Loring Arena and return the building to its former status as a year-round gathering place for the people of Framingham and surrounding communities. We will secure private and public funds towards a long-term renovation of Loring Arena and to make incremental short-term improvements to the existing facilities.


GirlsChainIn addition to fund-raising, the Foundation will work to create public support for this civic center and mobilize all who use the Arena — and those who would like to get more use out of it — so that families may enjoy year-round recreation and entertainment at this historical facility.

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